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Mycelius-Arcanum Meadowbrook

Mycelius-Arcanum Meadowbrook, the lead developer of the Smart Contract for our project. From an early age, Meadowbrook was captivated by IT, technology, and mechanics, a fascination that profoundly influenced his career path. Over the years, he has held a variety of positions – from developer and consultant to management roles.

In 2016, Meadowbrook deepened his passion for cryptocurrencies, drawn to the technology behind Bitcoin as well as its societal and economic potential. Although he initially experimented with trading, he ultimately identified his true calling as a Bitcoin maximalist and hodler. Professionally, he spearheaded a Blockchain LAB for a leading international tourism company, introducing several decentralized strategies and software products in the crypto space.

Fortuitous circumstances led him to BitBlockArt, where he now plays a crucial role in project management, IT architecture, and the development of blockchain infrastructure and applications. Besides his professional activities, Meadowbrook is an active member of a local diving club, enjoys manual work in his garden, and spends a great deal of time with his small family.

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