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Magic Pot

The absolute craziest pot in crypto magic land.

Minted Wizards

About the Project

Once 2,000 Wizards have been sold, the Magic Pot will be unlocked.

The MagicPot Project within the BitBlockWizard ecosystem is a captivating innovation, redefining the NFT market through advanced algorithms and close collaboration between analysts and developers. The aim is to increase the value of an NFT post-purchase by transforming it through a creative and interactive process. Here's a detailed description of this unique project:

The Concept of MagicPot

At the heart of the MagicPot Project lies the MagicPot NFT – a digital asset that forms the basis for creating a more valuable NFT. Owners of a MagicPot NFT have the opportunity to enhance the value of their NFT through a process akin to the magical brewing of a potion.

The Process of Value Increase

To augment the value of an NFT within the MagicPot Project, owners must "throw" another NFT from the exclusive WizPot Collection into the "cauldron," i.e., stake it. This process symbolizes the investment in the potential of the NFT, with different durations available: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 8 months, or a whole year. During this period, algorithms, developed in close collaboration with our analysts and developers, work to increase the NFT's value.

Flexibility and Diversity

The duration options offer owners flexibility and the ability to strategically decide on the value enhancement of their NFT. The longer the NFT is "brewed" in the MagicPot, the greater the potential for a significant increase in value, depending on market conditions and the effectiveness of the applied algorithms.

The Alchemist Market

After the chosen duration expires, owners can withdraw their now increased-value NFT. They then have the option to sell this valuable NFT to other alchemists or on the specialized Alchemist Market. This marketplace serves as a platform for trading these uniquely enhanced NFTs, creating a vibrant community of users interested in the process of digital alchemy.


The MagicPot Project offers an innovative and exciting way to delve into the world of NFTs and digital assets. It combines creative interaction with the solid foundation of advanced technology to create a new kind of value increase in the digital space. By participating in the MagicPot Project, owners not only have the potential to increase the value of their NFTs but also become part of a dynamic community of digital alchemists exploring the full spectrum of possibilities within the BitBlockWizard ecosystem.

Please note that the feature will not be unlocked until 2,000 Wizards have been sold. This can take several weeks or months. Of course, the developers, artists and analysts will do their best to integrate all features as soon as possible after their activation.

All features will only be usable after you have sent your Wizards to the stake and the Burning Day has passed.

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Project Execution

"A little bit of here and a little bit of that."

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