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Airdrops by newcomer artist. We enable undiscovered artists to airdrop and promote their art via the Wizard network.

Minted Wizards

About the Project

WizDrop: Unlocking a New Realm of Art and Collectibles

Hey there! Are you ready to dive into a universe where art meets innovation at every turn? Welcome to WizDrop, our groundbreaking initiative that's reshaping the landscape of digital collectibles and art. We've hit this milestone on our roadmap, and though we're not quite at the finish line, the journey we're on is nothing short of exciting.
WizDrop is designed to offer you, our community, exclusive access to limited edition digital art, unique NFT drops, and a plethora of collectibles that you won't find anywhere else. The best part? We're just getting started. The wheels are in motion, and our team is tirelessly working behind the scenes, curating and crafting experiences that promise to amaze and inspire.
Curious to see the fusion of creativity and blockchain technology? Eager to add some exclusive pieces to your collection? Stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on WizDrop. We're on the brink of unveiling something truly special—a space where collectors and art enthusiasts can come together and celebrate the new digital renaissance.
For a sneak peek and more information on what's coming, make sure to check here. The future of digital collectibles is being written as we speak, and with WizDrop, you're at the heart of this exciting chapter. Let's embark on this journey together and redefine the boundaries of digital art and collectibility!


Please note that the feature will not be unlocked until 500 Wizards have been sold. This can take several weeks or months. Of course, the developers, artists and analysts will do their best to integrate all features as soon as possible after their activation.

All features will only be usable after you have sent your Wizards to the stake and the Burning Day has passed.

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Project Execution

“From 500 Wizard's sold, the WizDrop is unlocked.Airdrops by newcomer artist.”

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