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Together with you we will organise a BitBlockparty every year where the whole community meets.

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About the Project

BitBlockParty: The Pinnacle Web3 Gathering of the Year

The BitBlockParty is a dazzling milestone on our roadmap, and we're busily setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable experience. As a trailblazing celebration within the digital art and technology scene, we're preparing to immerse you in an event that will be remembered for years to come. Our innovative Web3 application simplifies access to this elite gathering like never before. Owners of a Society Circle NFT will have the unique ability to claim their entry ticket, which comes in the form of a QR code, directly through their NFT – showcasing BitBlockArt's commitment to merging technology with community and art in meaningful ways.

Set against a backdrop of unparalleled ambiance, the BitBlockParty will feature a lineup of renowned DJs and artists, ensuring not just an evening of premium music and performances but a cultural spectacle that seamlessly merges the digital with the tangible. Attendees can anticipate a night to remember, centered around our collective passion for creativity, music, and the cutting edge of digital innovation.

Gear up for an event that transcends the typical party – it's a landmark in the chronicles of digital art and culture. The BitBlockParty is your gateway into a movement that exemplifies the harmony of art, technology, and community in the era of Web3. Keep an eye out for more information and prepare to join an exceptional journey that you surely don't want to miss.

For more details on how to join the event and to become a part of the Society Circle, visit our Society Circle page here.


Please note that the feature will not be unlocked until 500 Wizards have been sold. This can take several weeks or months. Of course, the developers, artists and analysts will do their best to integrate all features as soon as possible after their activation.

All features will only be usable after you have sent your Wizards to the stake and the Burning Day has passed.

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Project Execution

“Together with you we will organise a BitBlockparty every year.”

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