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In times of so-called crisis, the usual models for dealing with money, art, value and the uncertain, i.e. statistics and simulations, rankings and key figures, seem useless for further planning of the future. Nobody knows anymore what something is worth, what price is "right". It seems impossible to explain why something is worth more or less and, above all, what value even means. The Beuysian money formula could be extended to ART = CAPITAL = POTENTIAL =UNKNOWNNESS. Art, it is now said, is not the same as the art market, and the crisis of the real world is a potential for art.

The Wizard Project contains the greatest and most valuable thing our society has to offer.


Trust in the form of smart contracts and an ever-growing network of specialists. The greatest advantage is the constant alignment of performance and value distribution. With the possibility of constantly readjusting and adapting these to the circumstances via the voting function. Because we don't just believe in code is law, but in a good mix of code and community.


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A community of innovators shaping the BitBlockWizard ecosystem. Discover our partners and creators.



Value I Give You

WizList offers Society Wizard holders exclusive early access to new art projects and the opportunity for pre-minting privileges on BitBlockArt and partner NFTs. Stay ahead with VIP updates and connect directly with groundbreaking artists and artworks. Join WizList for seamless experiences and full access to the art world's latest innovations.

Boost your trading performance with the Wizard TradingTool, the ultimate solution for algo-trading and risk management. Secure your access now by minting our NFTs or subscribing directly. Join an innovative community redefining crypto trading and writing success stories together.

BYour gateway to chart analysis, art, and event streams. While this roadmap step is still underway, our platform is already live and expanding. Subscribe and support our journey!

what does the future hold?

Society Circle Roadmap

  • 100 Wizards sold  WizList
  • 500 Wizards sold BitBlockParty
  • 1000 Wizards sold BitBlockRadio
  • 2000 Wizards sold The Novice Altar
  • 4000 Wizards sold BitBlockTruck
  • 8000 Wizards sold BitBlockClub
  • 10000 Wizard sold BitBlockFestival