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Thereseias, a true virtuoso of artistic creation, is not constrained by the boundaries of medium or method. Whether drawing nature or painting realms of fantasy, whether with pencil, brush, ballpoint pen, 3D pen, mouse, or XPen, and regardless of whether the work is analog or digital – Thereseias' passion for art knows no limits.

The ability to immerse oneself in the flow of creation is for Thereseias a state of boundless freedom and profound satisfaction. In these moments, identity dissolves, space and time fade away, and a merger with the current medium of expression occurs. An inner light shines forth, posing no questions and needing no answers – everything is already present.

For Thereseias, life without art is unimaginable, and this attitude towards life has always been present. Time passes while countless ideas await realization – a state far preferable to a lack of inspiration.

The joy of creating new realities and playing with the predefined structures of space and time is what brings Thereseias the most pleasure. Through art, worldly and philosophical claims to truth are questioned and reassembled, always against the backdrop of the world.

Art, for Thereseias, is everywhere – not just within the officially recognized art scene. Art is found in everyday life, in a moment, a space, a thought, a feeling, in the technique of a process, a construction, in a picture, in interaction with nature, and naturally in the cosmos. Nature itself is the greatest artist.

The perspective of perception is crucial. Even though not all art meets Thereseias' taste, it is believed that taste cannot be disputed, only described. For Thereseias personally, an understanding of tension and harmony makes sense.

In addition to a deep passion for art, Thereseias boasts extensive education in both theoretical and practical aspects and has successfully completed a degree in philosophy.

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