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WizSignal Spell

Trade all signals from the WizSignal Channel automatically.

Minted Wizards

About the Project

Once 1,000 Wizards have been sold, the WizSignal Spell will be unlocked.

The WizSignal Spell sends the signals from the WizSignal Channel directly to your BitBlockWizard trading tool.

With a preset risk management, all trades are executed automatically.

It's not just a simple copytrading feature, it gives you a wealth of options to execute your trade.

Have a look at the BitBlockWizard trading tool with its limitless possibilities.

WizSpell Signal revolutionizes the way you engage with the market by creating a seamless link between you and your favorite analysts in the Signal Channel. With this innovative solution, not only can you directly subscribe to the trading strategies and signals of your preferred analysts, but you can also automatically integrate these into your trading decisions within the Wizard TradingTool. Here is a detailed description of what WizSpell Signal offers:

Direct Connection to Top Analysts

WizSpell Signal enables you to establish a direct connection with leading analysts in the Signal Channel. You have the freedom to select those experts whose trading style and strategy best align with your personal investment goals. With a simple subscription, you can follow their trades and analyses in real time.

Automated Trade Forwarding

Once you've chosen one or more analysts, their trades are automatically forwarded to the Wizard TradingTool. This integration ensures that you don’t miss out on valuable time and can immediately capitalize on the trading opportunities recommended by your preferred experts.

Individually Adjustable Risk Management

One of the key advantages of WizSpell Signal is the ability to implement an individually tailored risk management for the automatically executed trades. This means you retain control by predefining how much risk you're willing to take. The system then automatically adjusts the size of the trades according to your specifications, ensuring that your trading strategy is both effective and aligned with your risk tolerance.


WizSpell Signal represents a significant innovation that allows traders to leverage the full potential of the BitBlockWizard ecosystem. By effortlessly subscribing to your favorite analysts and automatically executing their trades in the Wizard TradingTool – coupled with customized risk management – you can optimize your trading experience and potentially achieve better trading outcomes. Dive into the future of trading, where technology and expertise seamlessly converge to give you a significant advantage in the market.


Please note that the feature will not be unlocked until 1,000 Wizards have been sold. This can take several weeks or months. Of course, the developers, artists and analysts will do their best to integrate all features as soon as possible after their activation.

All features will only be usable after you have sent your Wizards to the stake and the Burning Day has passed.

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Project Execution

"No more stress when trading"

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