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The WizArtMerch store will be opened as soon as the first 100 sales are reached.

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About the Project

WizArt Merch: Your Wardrobe’s Going Magical!

Hey you! Ready to elevate your style to the next level? WizArt Merch is about to splash some color into your life and bring art directly onto your clothes. Our first designs? Absolutely stunning – a real game-changer for your wardrobe.

The best part: We're in the midst of setting up the shop. It's like a sneak peek into our creative workshop, where magic meets fabric. Stay tuned, grab your piece from the first collection, and be a part of the WizArt revolution!

Check out the shop here and let the first designs enchant you. We've come far, but this is just the beginning. Stay excited for what's next!

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Project Execution

“After the burn event the WizArtMerch store will be opened.

From the sales limit of 100.”

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Project Gallery

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