"BitBlockBridge" is an innovative NinjaTrader add-on for Bybit traders, providing real-time chart data for nearly all assets traded on Bybit with unparalleled precision and speed, offering the flexibility and depth needed for informed trading decisions.
"BitBlockBridge" - The Ultimate NinjaTrader Add-On for Bybit Traders


BitBlockBridge is an innovative extension for the NinjaTrader trading platform, designed specifically for crypto traders active on the Bybit exchange. This powerful add-on allows you to access real-time chart data for nearly all assets traded on Bybit with unparalleled precision and speed. Whether you're interested in minute charts or tick charts, BitBlockBridge offers you the flexibility and depth needed for informed trading decisions.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Asset Coverage: BitBlockBridge supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs available on Bybit. From major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum to emerging altcoins, you have access to a diverse range of assets for your trading strategies.

Minute and Tick Charts: With BitBlockBridge, you can analyze market dynamics in your preferred timeframe. Whether you want to track long-term trends with minute charts or capture the intricacies of the market with tick charts, this add-on makes it possible.

Seamless NinjaTrader Integration: BitBlockBridge integrates seamlessly into your existing NinjaTrader platform, allowing you to continue using your familiar tools and indicators. Setup is simple and straightforward, enabling you to get started in no time.

Real-Time Data Streaming: Get real-time access to market data without compromising on speed or reliability. BitBlockBridge employs advanced technologies to ensure your charts are always up to date.

User-Friendly Interface: The add-on features an intuitive and user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. You can customize and fine-tune your charts and analyses with just a few clicks.

Advanced Analytical Tools: Take advantage of advanced analytical features and indicators specifically developed for the crypto market. BitBlockBridge provides you with the tools you need to identify market opportunities and make informed decisions.

Use Cases:

BitBlockBridge is ideal for a variety of traders - from day traders responding to quick market changes to swing traders and long-term investors conducting in-depth market analysis. Whether you're looking to diversify your portfolio, refine your trading strategy, or simply gain an edge in crypto trading, BitBlockBridge is the tool you need.


BitBlockBridge extends your NinjaTrader platform with a powerful component tailored to the needs of crypto traders on Bybit. More than just a tool, it is a comprehensive system that provides you with the control and insight required for success in the fast-paced crypto market. Get BitBlockBridge today and transform your trading strategy!

We offer individual development

For traders seeking a more tailored experience or needing specific functionalities beyond what BitBlockBridge offers, our team is also available for individual NinjaTrader programming services. We understand that every trader has unique needs and strategies. Therefore, we offer customized solutions to enhance your trading setup, ranging from custom indicators and strategies to complete automation solutions. Whether you're looking to optimize your trading approach or incorporate complex algorithms, our experienced programmers are here to bring your vision to life. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you achieve your trading objectives with precision and efficiency.

Transform your trading experience with BitBlockBridge and our bespoke NinjaTrader programming services.

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