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In the first round, you can purchase BitBlockArt Wizard NFTs out of a collection of 10,000 pieces. Get qualified for the next round by purchasing only 10 out of one circle.

Round two begins with the big Burning Day. Your fortune gets even scarcer and if you’re lucky, you can unpack a super rare Wizard out of a collection of only 1000 pieces instantly. Or you can take the standard route and burn 10 of the same circle. The circles are Finance, Art, and Society – each one comes with a unique and special purpose to increase the value and maximize your benefits. 

Watch out for hidden gems! If the fortune favors you, you can become the owner of one of only one hundred powerful ArchWizard NFTs. These mysterious cards will give you access to the most exclusive locations in the BitBlock Universe – follow us for more information!

After the Burning Day, you can log in to our page with your wallet and send the Wizards to the stake. Now is the time to receive one specimen out of the rare 1000 pieces NFT-collection.* Your burnt Wizards will transform and you can start trading them.

Follow me to the stake

Light the stake

You need the same background ten times to burn your Wizards.
There are three circles!
Art, Finance and Society.
You decide which circle you want to join.

The burn will start on 2023 June 21 at 16:58 MESZ.
ART Background of our NFTs is crucial: Burn 10 identical ones for an Art Circle NFT drop. After the burn, the background changes, while the Wizard remains, ready for secret, future features.

You're sure to get your 10 pieces together on the marketplace
Finance Background: Burn 10 NFTs for an exclusive Finance Circle Drop. After the burn, the Wizard remains, linked to new financial opportunities and surprises.

You're sure to get your 10 pieces together on the marketplace
Society Background: Gather and burn 10 Society NFTs for exclusive access to the Society Circle NFT. Your Wizard endures, gearing up for vibrant parties and engaging podcasts in our dynamic community.

You're sure to get your 10 pieces together on the marketplace
Metrics of thousand
There will be 1021 individual wizards, specially selected for different circles.
*21 additional Wizards will be created for the Foundation and Development Team.
So there will be 1021 Wizards in the end.
Thank you for the great work.