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Whose Beeple?

Mike Winkelmann
He discovered his passion for digital art at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. In 2007, he began creating new digital images every day and publishes them under the name Beeple. His artworks are often dystopian, futuristic, and surrealistic, frequently offering critical commentary on modern society and technology. He uses a variety of techniques and tools to create his artworks, including 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, and visual effects.
Beeple is an American digital artist and motion designer. His NFT-based artworks are characterized by complex pixel designs.

Human One portrays an astronaut exploring a virtual environment within a glass construct.

Depending on the situation, he can reprogram a completely new background.

Everyday: the First 5000 Days, this artwork took 13 years and consists of 5000 individual digital images; it was sold for an astounding 69 million dollars.

His works include, among others, Blood Frost, Flow, Illuminated Path, Poor Reception; many of his works refer to political-economic situations.


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