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The Ultimate Guide to MAD MBS Processors: Functions and Options

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In this article, we take a close look at the MAD MBS processors. These powerful tools are the core of many automated trading strategies. They enable you to define complex conditions and logically link signals from various indicators. Let's go through each option and function in detail so you can leverage the full potential of the MAD MBS processors.

Introduction to MAD MBS Processors

The MAD MBS processors are specially designed modules that can be used in TradingView scripts to process signals from various indicators and integrate them into a comprehensive trading strategy. They allow you to combine signals in a logical sequence and define conditions that must be met before a trading signal is issued.

MAD MBS L4 Processor x16

The MAD MBS L4 Processor x16 is a versatile component that can process up to 16 input signals simultaneously. It is ideal for complex strategies that require multiple indicators and conditions.

Key Features:

Input Signals:

  1. The processor can receive signals from up to 16 different sources. These sources can be indicators, oscillators, or other processor units.
  2. Each input signal can be individually configured to ensure it is correctly interpreted.

Logical Linkage:

  1. With the MAD MBS processors, you can link input signals using various logical operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.
  2. These logical links allow you to define complex conditions that must be met before a trading signal is triggered.

Temporal Filtering:

  1. The processor can temporally filter signals, meaning you can define conditions for how long a signal must be active before it is processed.
  2. This is particularly useful to avoid short-term fluctuations and consider only stable signals.

Signal Processing:

  1. Once the defined conditions are met, the processor outputs a trading signal.
  2. This signal can then be used for further actions such as buying or selling.

Detailed Description of Options and Functions

Input Signals:

  1. Define Source: You can define the source for each input signal. This can be an indicator, an oscillator, or another processor signal.
  2. Type of Signal: The type of signal (e.g., Long, Short, Neutral) can be configured to ensure the processor correctly interprets the signal.

Logical Linkages:

  1. AND: Links two or more signals so that the trading signal is triggered only if all conditions are met.
  2. OR: Links two or more signals so that the trading signal is triggered if any one of the conditions is met.
  3. NOT: Inverts the signal, so the trading signal is triggered when the condition is not met.

Temporal Filtering:

  1. Delay: Defines how long a signal must be active before it is processed.
  2. Duration: Defines the minimum duration a signal must remain active to be considered.
  3. Time Frame: You can set the time frame for each signal to ensure that the signals are viewed in the desired time unit.

Signal Processing:

  1. Signal Output: Once the conditions are met, the processor outputs a trading signal. This signal can take various forms, such as a buy or sell signal.
  2. Visualization: The processor can visually represent the signals to facilitate verification and analysis. This can be done through color coding or other visual indicators.

Additional Functions and Customization Options

  • Multibit Signals: The MAD MBS processor can also process multibit signals to define even more complex conditions.
  • Custom Scripts: You can insert custom scripts to extend the functionality of the processor and tailor it to your specific needs.
  • Integration with Other Tools: The processor can seamlessly integrate with other trading tools and platforms to create a comprehensive trading strategy.


The MAD MBS processors are an indispensable tool for any trader looking to develop complex and automated trading strategies. With versatile configuration options and powerful features, you can make precise and effective trading decisions.

Try out the MAD MBS processors and discover how they can improve your trading. Visit our Tradingview Profil for more information.

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