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L5 Risk management

Modular Backtest System:

L5 Risk Management MK5.5 (Free Edition) & L5 Risk Management (Pro Edition)

This risk management module comes WITHOUT a strategy. It is the endpoint of every strategy, which is calculated using indicators as well as the x8 or X16 processors. It utilizes the Multibit signal transmission system on Tradingview.
The Modular Backtest System, henceforth referred to as MBS, is a multi-tier tool for trading financial instruments. It consists of multiple layers that provide the indicators for trading.

The layers are:

Signal Provider (L1): This layer delivers trading signals by evaluating certain market data and translating it into trade signals.

Filter (L2): This layer further evaluates signals from L1 and filters out invalid signals.

Processors (L3 x8 and L4 x16 Processor): These layers prepare the signals for risk management by refining and optimizing them.

Risk Management (L5): This layer is responsible for the actual trading and management of risk. Tools such as the Wizard Bot can be used here.

All layers are linked in a daisy chain (sequentially connected) and can be individually adjusted to optimize trading outcomes.

The risk management monitors the trading and makes decisions based on the signals calculated from the processors.


Experience the diversity of an extensive collection of indicators developed for the MBS, allowing for quick and efficient results. Discover the right recipe among a plethora of options - from RSI to MACD, Bollinger, and SMAs, which can be freely combined. Utilize all "state of the art" features, from DCA to single entry, trail stops, and risk minimization.

Experience the best of both worlds with full compatibility of our indicator collection with the Wizard Trading Tool. Benefit from the optimal interface that enables easy and intuitive operation. Take advantage of a perfectly tuned combination of indicators and trading tool to elevate your trading successes to the next level.

Personal indicators can be quickly and easily extended to be compatible with the Modular Backtest System. The simplest implementation option is to utilize my code. [MAD] almost RSI is a good example, found at the bottom of the code. Multibit is an essential tool for trading on Tradingview, as it allows users to use multiple indicators at once without programming skills and link their signals to make better trading decisions. Here are videos of the Modular Backtest system in action:

Turtorial Video von djmad

Examples of some completed strategies (L5 Risk Management) with the Multibit transmission system.

There is already an extensive collection of indicators designed for the MBS (Modular Backtest System) to achieve meaningful results very quickly. Multibit SignalMultibit is a crucial tool for trading within my modular system, as it allows users to utilize multiple indicators at once and link their signals to make better trading decisions.

The only task is to find the correct recipe. Combinations from RSI to MACD, Bollinger, SMAs,... can be freely mixed and calculated.

In the end, risk management can be applied to these signals, which are then directly forwarded to the Wizard trading bot for execution. From DCA to single-entry, trail stops, risk minimization, all "state of the art" features are included.

Attention Name Change: The "[MAD MBS] L5 Risk Management" is the successor version of "MK5" and "MK6". The reason for the name change is due to naming conventions within Tradingview. This name was chosen to enable future version updates without continuous version numbers.

The basic functions, as seen in the video, are identical except for a few minor changes.

Es wird mindestens Tradingview in der Version PRO+ vorrausgesetzt

TV can be flexibly upgraded to the desired higher license and can also be downgraded to a smaller version at any time..


[MAD] Level5 Backtest MK5.5 by djmad on TradingView.com

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TEST THE PREMIUM VERSION? Contact djmad on TRADINGVIEW via PM and ask for a trial version!

[MAD MBS] L5 RiskManagement by djmad on TradingView.com

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