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Crypto artist in the interview, today Chiefmonkey

„Bitcoin is humanity's last bastion“

Chiefmonkey ist nicht nur Künstler, sondern auch Bitcoin-Enthusiast. Am 9. April 2021 startet seine neuste Auktion in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Krypto-Künstler Yonat Vaks. BeInCrypto hat mit Chiefmonkey über Bitcoin, Kunst und das Leben gesprochen.

In Chiefmonkeys Kunstwerken finden wir ein Thema besonders häufig: Bitcoin. Chiefmonkey erklärt uns, was Bitcoin für ihn ist:

„Bitcoin is humanity's last bastion... We live in a corporatocracy and are aiming for a technocracy. If we allow our governments, big pharmaceutical companies, central banks, the military-industrial complex, and the food industry to spiral out of control, we will undoubtedly end up in a dystopian nightmare that George Orwell would have been proud of.“

He reports that he believes in decentralization, localization, and liquid democracy:

„All this is hard money, the exchange and storage of human value. Therefore, money must remain honest and trustworthy, it must transcend the corruption of selfish psychopaths and the current ruling elite.“

Satoshi Rides the Waves of Change: Ein Bild von Chiefmonkey

Chiefmonkey has been living off Bitcoin himself for three years.

Er erschafft Bitcoin-Kunst und verkauft sie für Bitcoin.

„n general, I am a last-resort HODLer, but I need to sell Bitcoin to pay for food and to live. That's why I have developed a serious preference for holding over time, because I obviously never really want to sell or use my Bitcoin. I sell Bitcoin art and artifacts. Partly because it's my passion, and partly because it's good to support the community of makers and creators in the Bitcoin economy.“

Money makes the world go round

What made you become a Bitcoiner?
„The obvious corruption of our politicians and central bankers and my belief that our world should not be governed by corporations and psychopaths. Money makes the world go round, right? Money underpins the value of our existence and our purpose in life. Therefore, it is sacred and must remain trustworthy and free from corruption and manipulation by self-serving individuals. Because it cannot be printed out of thin air, it enforces a low time preference at all levels of society and thereby increases efficiency."

Chiefmonkey further elaborates that people must produce something valuable in order to earn money:
„This means that governments need to be massively scrutinized to reduce their waste and inefficiency. And it means they can't just print more money to start more wars. People's attitude towards money will change, and they will be more considerate when spending it, giving it only to companies and other individuals that offer products and services of real value. Bitcoin mining will become so important that it will drive the development of renewable energy technologies. Many technologies that have been suppressed by monopolies will be released. I believe we are heading towards a digital renaissance."

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Beyond Bitcoin

Currently, Chiefmonkey is working on two projects. He shares what the next projects are about: "Every now and then, I like to make a bunch of things for those around me who either support or inspire me. I then either give them away or make them affordable. This time, I'm doing something for a bunch of Cyberhornets and Bitcoin meme artists."
The other project comes from Gigi. He asked me to design something for the cover of his next book, so I got to work. I can't even tell you what an honor it is. The book is coming out later this year."

In the coming time, Chiefmonkey will embark on adventurous journeys with his laser cutting machine:

"It's a monster of a machine, and it allows me to make bigger things. But I'm looking forward to this year and also want to do something that is seen by a wider audience outside the Bitcoin community. I'm massively inspired by my friends in the space, Cryptograffiti and PascalBoyart. Ultimately, we all want to reach more people who want to educate themselves about money. And these people are operating on a different level."
Fuck The Fucking Fuckers: Ein Bild von Chiefmonkey

"Fuck The Fucking Fuckers": An image by Chiefmonkey. By the way, Chiefmonkey gets his inspiration from "Bitcoin, programmers, Plebs, Cypherpunks, Cyberhornets, other Bitcoin artists, and our lord and savior Satoshi."
When we talk about crypto art, we inevitably have to discuss NFTs. And Chiefmonkey also has something to say about NFTs: "I like the NFT boom. NFTs open up so many opportunities not just for digital artists but also for traditional oil-on-canvas painters to be recognized. These groups of people would never be seen in the traditional art world of real life. But the NFT scene very quickly mimicked the dark side of the real art world."
Thank you to ChiefMonkey for the interview
And a big thank you to Alex von BeInCrypto

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