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Halving Live Event || The Bitcoin Story – From the Beginnings to Today!

Dive into the epic saga of Bitcoin, presented in a riveting 4.5-hour live stream by the charismatic hosts, Ghosttyper and Dr. Wotan. Starting in August 2008 with the registration of the legendary domain bitcoin.org, we take you on an enthralling journey to the year 2024—the year Bitcoin ETFs achieved a historic breakthrough in the USA. Experience how a simple idea became a world-changing movement, supported by anecdotes only insiders know.

In our stream, we don't just discuss the milestones of Bitcoin's history but deeply analyze the various Bitcoin cycles and their market techniques. Along with our guests, crypto veterans like Svetec, Sandman, and Sweet Papa Joe, as well as market strategists Roxy and Incubus Cornu, we take a close look at price forecasts and comparisons between influential crypto YouTubers and well-known hedge fund managers. This part of the stream is packed with expertise, showcasing how expert opinions have evolved and changed over the years.

To top it off, we venture a preview of possible future chart developments up to the year 2030. We speculate not just about the next decade but continue the discussion on which directions Bitcoin's journey might develop. Our analysis is based on solid data and trends, which we present in an entertaining way to provide not just facts but also exciting insights and entertainment. Stay tuned to find out whether Bitcoin will continue to revolutionize the financial world or if new cryptocurrencies will take the lead.

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