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Crash Update

Here's the update to the last analysis from May 8th,

Here again are the key levels for buying or opening positions. Subordinately, we've hit the first support arc after the highly volatile area, which is at $25,453,

just below the quadrant boundary at $26,928. The greatest resistance lies in the highly volatile area at $30,997.

Superiorly, we have not yet landed on the support fan at $23,477. Below that, the next highly volatile area opens up towards the trend reversal on June 4th.

This can be fully traversed and has room from $17,722 to $7,629, with the quadrant boundary at $11,666 as mid-support. These points can be hit with dollar accuracy.

The 200MA from the weekly chart runs just above this area.

The 200MA from the two-week chart is at $14,733.

Using the Fibonacci channel indicator, we get very strong support up to $15,523.

Enjoy your shopping and don't take on too high a risk.Viel Spaß beim shoppen und geht kein zu hohes Risiko ein.

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