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BitBlockWizard: Pioneering Work in the Ordinals Art Market

In an era where Bitcoin becomes music and NFTs, memecoins, and games establish themselves on the blockchain, a project emerges that leads progress at the intersection of art and cryptocurrencies: BitBlockWizard. BitBlockWizard is dedicated to changing the way NFTs are utilized. By connecting artists, creators, programmers, and service providers through the BitBlockWizard smart contract, a platform is created where NFTs are not only traded but also find real applications.
The pilot project of BitBlockWizard, Dragon's Lair, has already made provisions in this context early on. In the NFT and Digital Art Trust, artworks as well as the first song for Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain are collected.

Special attention deserves the 1501 Ordinal, a work by the renowned NFT artist Jonathan Mann. Often referred to as the Beeple of music, he is known for composing a song daily about current events for over 15 years. His contribution to the Ordinals event was acquired by BitDragon and is now safely stored in its hoard.

By participating in the Art Circle, members can now own a piece of this unique artwork of historical significance. The BitBlockWizard project demonstrates how the Ordinals art market can be utilized to collect and make accessible artworks of historical importance. Critics may continue to question the purpose of this technology, yet the reality is that the blockchain landscape is evolving. Projects like BitBlockWizard pave the way for how technological advancements can be used to revolutionize the way we perceive and experience art.
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