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A New Era in Trading Platforms

Hello Wizards,

Today, we bring you an exciting update from our recent interview with Alexey Shulzhenko about the groundbreaking new trading platform, Takeprofit.com.

Be sure to check out our interview (in German) with the CEO of Takeprofit.

You'll find plenty of fascinating information about our upcoming favorite platform. 

What is Takeprofit.com?

Takeprofit.com is a fresh player in the trading platform arena, founded by former TradingView members. This innovative platform is being built from the ground up, addressing the specific needs and gaps left by TradingView. Over the past few years, TradingView's community features have seen a significant decline due to increasingly restrictive terms and conditions, making it less appealing for community interactions.

Why Takeprofit.com Stands Out

Takeprofit.com aims to create a community-driven platform that genuinely listens to and integrates user feedback. The goal is to provide the greatest possible freedom for users, enabling them to tailor their experience.

Key Features

- Community-Centric Approach: The platform is designed to prioritize user needs and suggestions, fostering a vibrant and active trading community.

- Monetization Opportunities: With the motto "Born to Earn," Takeprofit.com allows for easy in-house monetization. Developers can sell indicators and strategies, and users can offer content and workshops seamlessly.

- Python-Based Language - Indie: Developers can look forward to a proprietary programming language called Indie, based on Python. This will allow for creating and integrating custom indicators and tools.

- Open Test Phase: Currently, the platform is in its open test phase, inviting users to sign up, explore, and provide feedback. This phase is crucial for iterative improvements.

Future Prospects

While Takeprofit.com is still in its infancy, monthly updates are anticipated to enhance its functionality continually. Much like TradingView's early days, this platform is expected to grow and evolve rapidly.

Join the Movement

The community section is very active, and the Takeprofit team is eager for user input on improvements and new features. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of trading platforms. Visit the platform, give your feedback, and be part of the next big thing in trading!

Join us at Takeprofit.com and be a part of building the next big thing in trading!

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