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BitBlockWizard Beta runs on this exchange

BitBlockWizard functions

Fully automated risk management and algotrading.

Automatic risk management

The focus in the development of BitBlockWizard is on order management. Many traders do not adhere to their risk management and therefore make high losses. For this reason, we have integrated many variants of risk management here. These are constantly being expanded and improved by our community.

Multi-Account Management

Switch through several accounts of different exchanges in the BitBlockWizard with just a few clicks. With the BitBlockWizard you keep the overview. Trade the different coins clearly. Multiple exchanges are integrated, with all assets on the spot and futures markets.


-Split your entries
-Multiple trailing targets
-Automatic stop loss signals via Tradingview,Metatrader and Ninjatrader
-Multi-account for several exchanges
-All trades as a market maker
-Fully automated risk management modules and much more

Strong community

We attach great importance to a strong community and are in constant exchange with our members. We have our own platform for further development and strategy setting. Of course, inexperienced traders are also supported.

The BitBlockWizard trading tool

Developed by the best German-speaking crypto trading community, it offers you the following features.

Save fees as a market maker
Self-developed trading algorithms
Fast account switching
High security standard
Automatic risk management
Best German-speaking crypto community
Constantly being expanded & improved

Great community platform

Of course, we offer you a first-class community platform provided by Atlassian. Explore, learn and inform yourself about all projects or start your own and strengthen our vision of BitBlockArt.

100% private data
Media library with tutorials
Learning area for analysis and trading
Exchange of different algorithms
24/7 Support

About Wizard

What do I need the BitBlockWizard for and why did it come into use?

What do I need the BitBlockWizard for?

These are the four most important features of BitBlockWizard.

It is Developed by the community

Risk management

The BitBlockWizard is not a simple trading bot that executes signals. With each buy or sell command, a predefined risk management is started. This can be controlled via indicators or it uses simple percentage rules.


With BitBlockWizard you can manage any number of accounts on different exchanges. Of course, a very high level of security is guaranteed. Withdrawals are not possible via the BitBlockWizard, which additionally protects your wallet balances.

Algotrading & Manual Trading

With the BitBlockWizard you can execute the most different algorithms. It does not matter whether they run on Metatrader, Ninjatrader or Tradingview. In addition, you can use the BitBlockWizard to trade your own analyses on Tradingview.


2021 January

Start of the public beta

In January 2021, the first test users will be given access to run the BitBlockWizard. This test phase is limited to 100 users.

"it has begun“

Adjustment of the trading desk

In March 2021, the trading desk will be optimized and adapted. The number of users will be increased to 250 participants.

2021 March

2021 April

Start of signal trading

In April 2021, the signal channels will be activated and trading via Tradingview, Metatrader and Ninjatrader will be possible.

Risk management

2021 June

2021 October

Start development BitBlockWizard 2.0

Version 2.0 will be completely recoded - all functions from version 1.0 will be taken over. Several exchanges will be integrated.


Emergency stop, order cancellation and commando signals for indicator-controlled stop-loss and targets will be integrated.

2022 August

2022 November

Offizieller Start der Wizard NFT Community

2022 wollen wir die Wizard NFT Community starten... Lasst euch überraschen