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Once 500 Wizards have been sold, the WizDrop will be unlocked.

The Wizard network airdrops artwork from amateur and newcomer artists.

We increase the audience and awareness of newcomers, giving you a diamond in the rough.

Through our media presence, we promote the work and awareness of new art.

Artists from all over the world take part, including those from regions where there are no other opportunities to increase their own reach through professional support.

The Wizard team around BitBlockArt is always searching for new artists from all over the world.

Everyone who owns an Art Wizard has the opportunity to receive an airdrop.


Please note that the feature will not be unlocked until 500 Wizards have been sold. This can take several weeks or months. Of course, the developers, artists and analysts will do their best to integrate all features as soon as possible after their activation.

All features will only be usable after you have sent your Wizards to the stake and the Burning Day has passed.

Airdrops by newcomer artist. We enable undiscovered artists to airdrop and promote their art via the Wizard network.
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