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Why finance?

Economy is a subject with its own right in art. Representations of deities of money, commerce and fortune as well as allegories were followed by the famous depictions of the money changers. Modernism went beyond this and even used money itself as an art product. Marcel Duchamp's Ironisation of the authority of money, of one's own fame, of aesthetic value and the validity of values in general, and thus of the possibility of "making money", was to find its imitators. 

The fusion of trading systems, analyses that emerge from nature with the help of natural number sequences - what else but this, is more than magic. We combine the understanding that has emerged from our community and is constantly being transferred to the entire collective. Nothing can exist alone, but only grow together in symbiosis to maintain balance. 

Bitcoin, and with it the entire Cypherspace that has existed since the 1970s, has brought us an understanding of economics that is independent of central authorities. It is a constantly evolving process with all the obstacles that our previous value system has gone through. The Wizard Project is meant to give us a protected space for this and much more. 

Become part of something new and take responsibility.