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Why art?

Art and business do not have an easy relationship, and yet they are inseparably linked. Since modern times, art has always resisted getting too close to filthy lucre, even if, of course, one always hoped for financial gain as well as fame and glory. Today, art and perhaps even the artist must be a commodity and a particularly speculative - and thus interesting - part of the entertainment complex. It must be remembered that art has always been the servant and entertainer of the clergy and state authorities in matters of representation and cult.

Since modern times, however, it has also been allowed to function as a supporter of identity, in the development of strategies of distinction and in the representation of bourgeois affects. Thanks to NFT technology, we can now take a whole new approach. We can connect real art with economics and the art trade. Couple real values with digital goods while keeping bureaucracy and contracts as small as possible and automating them. 

Imagine an undiscovered artistic gem from South America meets a small company from Vietnam at a music festival. The two want to work together, but still cooperate independently and without many contracts. With the Wizard NFT project, they are now supported by a few mouse clicks.